Why Do We Moan and What Are The Benefits?

The moaning sounds we make during sex are created by air passing through the larynx. The more forceful the exhale, the louder the moan. Moaning sounds can be influenced by hormones, genetics, personal health and your mood. So why do we do moan?

Sometimes it’s involuntary. Moaning is the body’s natural response to something that feels really, really good. Other times, we moan during sex to show off. Some like to let the neighbors know that they are having headboard rattling sex. During sex, some people like to let their partner know how much physical exertion they are putting into what they are doing.

A study showed that when tennis players grunted while hitting a ball, they weren’t working any harder than when they didn’t grunt. They did, however, perform better. Apply the same principle to sex! Adding a noise without adding any work increases performance.

Sometimes moaning signals satisfaction. It lets your partner know what you like and don’t like. It assures them that they know what they are doing and acts as a thank-you. Moaning can also be used as manipulation. One study concluded that 2/3 of women surveyed said they use moaning to help their partner climax faster. Moaning increases arousal and speeds up orgasms.

Another reason we moan during sex is to add the sense of sound. Sex is better when all senses are stimulated. The final reason is that it is a perceived expectation. We think we have to moan during sex so we do. The media portrays sex on TV and in movies with moaning noises. We are taught that it is sexy to moan a lot and that the best sex is loud sex.

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