Ask a Polyamorous Person – Your Questions About Polyamory Answered

Curious about what it’s like to be polyamorous? Here are some common questions asked about polyamory answered by actual polyamorous people!

#1. Why isn’t one person enough?
To polyamorous people, having multiple romantic partners is like having multiple friends. It’s not that one person isn’t enough – it’s that there are many interesting and attractive people out there.

#2. What’s the difference between cheating and polyamory?
Polyamory is all about respecting your partner. Everything is consensual, everything is out in the open. It’s not about betraying your partner – cheating is a violation of your relationship.

#3. Are you polyamorous due to your religion?
No – that’s polygamy you’re thinking of!

#4. Does it bother you that people don’t know the difference between polyamory and polygamy?
Yes! Polygamy is a legal term for marrying multiple partners and is often linked to religion. It’s also usually about one man and his submissive, compliant women. With polyamory, everyone is equal and gets a say.

#5. What’s the best tool for making polyamory work?
Communication and honesty. Talk ab0ut what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. Go forward with love and compassion.

#6. Is non-monogamy normal?
Why isn’t the question is monogamy normal? As one person so astutely pointed out, “You can choose to be monogamous just like you can choose to be vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean the bacon won’t smell good”. It’s okay to be polyamorous as long as you do it honestly and ethically.

#7. How do you deal with jealousy?
Everyone deals with jealousy. Sexual jealousy is not some unconquerable issue. Meet your partner’s potential partners so that you don’t blow things out of proportion in your head.

#8. Does it bother you when people just don’t understand?
It’s best not to dwell on what others think.

#9. Do you have any advice for young polyamorous people?
Be absolutely honest no matter what. Don’t pretend you’re cool with things that you aren’t cool with just because your partner is. Reach out to different resources, do your research and get educated. Don’t assume you’ve got everything right. Figure out who you are and stick with it – don’t try to change yourself or anyone else.

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