Guys Sex Misconceptions When They Were Kids

We all have gone through a period of our life when we didn’t know what sex was. The group of guys you will see in the video have some hilarious memories about their youth and sex misconceptions. Follow along and reminisce!
What did you think a vagina was?
This is a tricky one. If you don’t have one, how’s a kid supposed to know? In the mind of one man, he thought women had one hole. That one hole then separated into the poop hole, pee hole and baby hole inside them. One guy thought the vagina hole would look flat like a belly button, only further down. To the surprise of another, women didn’t have penises. He thought the word vagina was a name for the female penis.
What did you think sex was?
Before we are old enough to fully understand what sex is, it’s completely up to our imagination. The consensus was that it definitely had something to do with the penis and the vagina. The logistics after that get a little fuzzy. One man knew there was a hole that penises went inside. Where that hole was or what happened next were a mystery. Another thought that you rubbed your penis on the outside of the vagina, no concept of “inside”. As a pre-pubescent youth, one man thought missionary was for baby-making. Doggy-style was for very bad people.
How did you first discover porn?
Oh, that glorious day you first discovered recorded sex! One man was innocently looking for a blank tape to record a TV show on. When he popped it in to check if it was blank, he got a very close shot of a vagina. Another discovered internet porn, which is mother discovered shortly after. She was not impressed.
Did you ever have “the talk” with your parents?
The talk. You know the one. Yep, that talk. It can be super awkward for parent and kids alike. But, it’s important for kids to grow up sexually healthy, and that includes a good sexual education. These men, however, did not receive that. One man’s parents decided if they didn’t talk to him about sex, he would never have it. Another man’s mother told him if he ever did have sex his penis would get cancer. What?! One unfortunate soul got a personal sexual history lesson from his father.
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