How To Last Longer In Bed

Sex expert Helena has decided to finally publicly answer the most frequent question she receives as a sexual coach: How do I last longer in bed? As she explains, it’s all a matter of controlling sexual energy and mounting pressure.

As the body gets aroused and fills with sexual energy it introduces a lot of tension into the body that focuses itself in the pelvis. This concentration of energy, coupled with the constriction or cessation of our breathing creates a nucleus of tension in the genitals. The tension builds and builds until the body just can’t hold it anymore, causing premature ejaculation. Tantric experts consciously relax the body and pelvic area through deep breathing. Being relaxed doesn’t mean you are limp and uninvolved. You can be fully active and involved in your sexual experience while being deliberately relaxed.

Helena recommends controlled breathing. Expand the belly while inhaling and exhale fully and completely without leaving any spaces between breaths or holding the breath to create tension. Your breathing must flow without interruption. This relaxes the entire body, including the pelvic area. This bodily tranquility allows sexual energy to flow throughout the body away from the genitals which will decrease the urgency to ejaculate. As an added bonus, the wonderful feelings your genitals undergo will also flow throughout your body adding an extra element of pleasure to your sexual experience.

Tantra is an ancient meditative practice that is commonly thought of to be purely sexual in nature, but it actually serves many other purposes. Employing it sexually can increase the pleasurability of your experience as well as your longevity during intercourse.

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