When is it okay to have sex again after having a baby?

Let’s get a little sterile with this post. Nurse Dani of Intermountain Healthcare talks about postpartum sex. When is it okay to have sex again after childbirth? A good rule of thumb is four to six weeks after delivery, since the body is still healing. Wait until she has gone to your doctor so that they can examine her and give her the green light. Listen to the advice of the professionals and be patient.

Another thing to think about is contraception. The doctor will talk about several contraception options for her at the postpartum visit, and it’s very important to be on top of that. You don’t want to get her pregnant right away. Her body needs some time to heal, okay? Researchers have shown that the ideal spacing from the birth of one baby to the birth of the next is two and a half to three years. True, the hormones that support lactation suppress ovulation, but you still need some form of contraception.

Another factor to consider is vaginal dryness. After the delivery of a baby, estrogen levels drop, and this together with the nursing affect natural lubrication. So, the dryness may persist as long as she continues to breastfeed your baby. But, worry not. That’s what lubricants are for. Just make sure the lube you use is phthalate free. For more on that, check out the interview with the sexpert Emily Morse.

Okay, so, suppose the weeks you were supposed to wait have passed, and according to all the research you’ve done and the doctor’s advice, you can start having intercourse. Everyone’s body is different, and it has a lot to do with how the woman feels. It’s totally normal for her to feel exhausted, and not really into it. Both partners should be understanding and respectful of the things the other partner is experiencing.

If during or after the intercourse, she experiences pain or bleeding, urge her to talk to her doctor. Be healthy, be great, my friends! And, until next time.

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